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Overly expressive since '96, Megan Sperger is an artist and performer from small town Wisconsin and a proud BFA Music Theatre recent graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University! You can find her in New York City, balancing being a barista, writing multiple shows, serving as assistant to her friend and orchestrator Andrew Fox, and auditioning as much as she can while maintaining a semblance of a social life.  She's pretty good at latte art, she loves cats, and she can whip you up some mean vegan baked goods.  You can find her these days munching on a Clif bar and revising and expanding her latest show, Going To Be, which had its premiere performance as a one act in Bloomington, IL. and will have an expanded reading and sing-through this fall.  Catch her on Instagram for musings on mental health and regular quality cat and food content.  

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