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Lavender Mist and other Short Musical Plays

an original musical premiere

April 2019

In the spring of 2018, Scott Susong and I discussed some ideas I had for future projects.  Within a few short weeks it turned into a pitch of shows inspired by Jackson Pollock paintings, and in a few more I was commissioned to write five original one-act musicals for my alma mater's 2019 MT workshop class.  They were comprised of: 
  • Lavender Mist, a musical about family ties and relationships
  • 2X, a musical dealing with grief and abortion issues in America's current political climate
  • The Strange and Tragic Life of Ember Dorran, a sung-through musical accompanied by guitar and violin.  A TYA piece about a girl's journey to get to space, and a cautionary tale about responsibility.
  • Barista Dreams, a musical about a group of friends who work in a coffee shop in NYC.  Now titled Going To Be, the piece is being expanded and will have a reading in New York in November 2019.
  • The 8 of Us, a musical about eight brothers and their ailing mother coming together for the first time in years.  
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