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spring 2017

Shively: "YOU HAVE A VAGINA!"  An interesting line to scream at my sister every night.  

Working on this brand-new play, developing a character who was SO far away from me in real life, with an incredible guest director Lisa Dixon, was one of the highlights of my semester.  I learned so much from this experience; it was my first show in the lab space, and it featured rapid-fire comedic text as well as British RP dialect, so projection and enunciation were the names of the game.  Lisa never stopped pushing us to go farther, be louder, be bolder, and the entire cast benefited from it.  We each played two versions of essentially the same characters: one in present day LA, and one in 1800s England.  The LA versions were modeled off of the Kardashian family, while the England version were based off the Bennet family.  This was one of the rare shows were I didn't just learn a lot artistically--I also learned a lot about life and owning my voice as a woman, and it was an experience I'm so grateful for.  

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