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Is there a song you would kill to sing, but you can't find sheet music for it anywhere? Boring sheet music that needs a more interesting arrangement that's true to the sound of the recording? Or maybe you just need parts of a song spliced together and transposed in order to create a satisfying package or 32 bar cut that fits your voice.
In any case, you're in luck! Megan has extensive experience with arranging and transcribing music by ear, and be it a six-part a cappella number or a jazzy music theatre song, she will present you with sheet music that mirrors the recording as closely as possible, while making small adjustments so it sounds full and lush despite scaling back the instrumentation to just a piano.  
Prices vary based on the difficulty of the arrangement and the length of the song, but a full length custom song transcription or arrangement begins at a minimum of $60 (transposing begins at $30).  A shorter cut such as a 32 bar or 1/1.5 minute cut begins at $30.  Typically, transcribing a song will take longer and cost more than arranging and/or transposing a song.  Send her your thoughts, questions, and requests through her 'Contact' page--she looks forward to working with you! 
***Megan does reserve the right to decline a request, should she think after hearing the song that a piano and vocal arrangement will not do the song justice.

"I asked Megan to create arrangements of songs (pop, modern funk, R&B) only for piano. The arrangements I received were MORE than satisfactory.  Megan's arrangements are never empty, and she has such a talent for condensing or expanding her pieces into your specific needs."

— Kenny Tran,

"Whether she is working through original songs or arrangements of pre-existing music, her attention to detail and musicality are at the forefront.  Her work is thorough, thoughtful, and musician-friendly.  As both a professional and incredibly passionate musician, I've seen Megan tackle any magnitude of project with precision and creativity."

— Emily Hardesty,

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