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Megan's Work Presented at the Kennedy Center??

In the past few months since moving to New York, I've had so many incredible opportunities popping up.  Two that stand out: my original songs were presented at both The John F. Kennedy Center and New York's own Feinstein's/54 Below! 

The first event was a concert featuring female composers, which was put on as part of the 2018 Page to Stage festival.  The best part was that I was able to bring two of my old friends Juna Shai and Jaclyn Salgado along with me to DC to sing them! 

The second event was a concert called MuseMatch, put on twice yearly by Bill Coyne.  Bill organizes about a dozen composers and a dozen performers, puts them together for a 'blind date' of sorts, and from the resulting interview the composer writes a song, and the performer sings it! This MuseMatch was October 12th at Feinstein's/54 Below, and the wonderful Samantha Joy Pearlman was my partner.  She killed her song 'My Name Is', and she's an incredible human to boot.  You can find her performance by clicking on the button below. 

May 09, 2018

A Wild Semester

I've barely had time to update, I had such a wild semester! I worked on five productions this semester, starting off with IWU's class of 2018 Senior Showcase, 'Bring On the Monsters,' which was presented at Stage 773 in Chicago in February.  A few weeks after that, I played The Grocer in IWU's mainstage production of Rhinoceros, and then immediately began working on the final preparations for my independent study, a one-woman show that I wrote and composed.  I presented Keep On Dreaming on March 24th and 25th, after working on it for almost a year under my advisor Scott Susong.  You can check out the recording and more information about it on the 'Keep On Dreaming' tab! 

In the middle of presenting my independent study, I got a crazy artistic idea and began working on a project for my fellow music theatre seniors.  In late April, I got to play several different roles in the Music Theatre Scene Study's presentation of selections from Pulitzer-Prize winning musicals--ranging from Nellie in South Pacific, to Bebe in A Chorus Line, to Natalie in Next to Normal.  As soon as that performance was completed, I capped off the semester by asking Scott Susong to direct and stage the original musical workshop I was writing for her fellow seniors about relationships and the sea.  We put it together in a week, and the recording and more info about it can be found on this website! The show was titled 'Boats, Affairs, and the Wind in Your Hair,' and I plan to keep expanding and improving the show after graduation! 

On May 6th, myself and my fellow classmates graduated with a BFA in Music Theatre from Illinois Wesleyan University! In July, I'm moving to New York City to pursue music theatre.  I'm truly so grateful for everything IWU gave me, and I can't wait for the next adventure! 

January 12, 2018

Rhinos and Seniors and Songs, Oh My!

Casting has happened, the semester is underway, and I am stoked to be starting rehearsals for 'Rhinoceros' under the direction of Christopher Connelly! Much like my first show with Christopher, 'Hamlet', I will again be playing a male character (Hamlet: Rosencrantz; Rhinoceros: The Grocer), and I'm looking forward to the process and the comfy flannel I've been told I'll get to wear...

In addition, the last semester of my senior year is underway, and my independent study is kicking into high gear! You can expect to see my one-woman show go up March 24th and 25th, shortly after IWU's spring break, under the advising of Scott Susong.  In the meantime, you can find me humming to myself and getting odd looks as I hunker down composing in coffee shops.  Stay tuned to get a sneak peek at some of the content soon! 

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