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South Pacific

fall 2017

Ensign Janet McGregor reading a letter from home! 

The process of 'South Pacific' was such a good learning experience for me.  I decided to really dive into ensemble work and the challenge of creating a full-bodied character who was only given a handful of lines in the script.  I set a goal to go in 100% on developing Janet and to always be a positive, available presence in the room.  And along the way, I had a great time! The process was a wild ride--it seemed like the universe was conspiring against us many times.  There were lots of small setbacks that kept everyone on their toes!  The way that everyone pulled the show together in the end was really lovely to be a part of.  Plus, I got a super fun costume and wig and glasses to wear--and I was a dancing piece of pumpkin pie! I couldn't ask for much more.  

Even though I wasn't sure at the beginning of the process, I learned so much from this show, and I'm so very grateful for it.  Scroll through to check out snapshots from my transformation into Ensign Janet McGregor!

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