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spring 2017

Working on Runaways was a very challenging and rewarding show for me.  Although we decided to use our own names for our characters (we did Runaways as a workshop), my character was based on Hubbell, the deaf/mute character in the original Runaways.  Learning ASL for all my text was something I had never attempted before, and I'm very grateful I got the opportunity to stretch myself that way! Additionally, because the licensed version of Runaways is missing pieces of sheet music and the recording is missing many songs in the show, my director Scott Susong enlisted me in filling in the blanks.  For the songs we had recordings but no sheet music for, I transcribed them by ear; for the songs we had lyrics but no music for, I composed! I was also the assistant music director; needless to say, it was an intense experience for me.  I worked hard to make my music fit in with the feel of the wonderful original score, but it still stayed very true to my musical style, which was a wonderful challenge.  And it was so rewarding to get to write a song for one of my dear friends and classmates, Emily Hardesty!

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